Andrzej Roszczak (born in Krotoszyn in 1974). In the years 1997-2011 he used the pseudonym Engi. He studied the Pedagogy of Art at the University of Adam Mickiewicz from 1995 to 1999 while having specialized in 3 different faculties; paintings under Professor Andrzej Niekrasz, sculpture under Professor Andrzej Jocz and graphics under Professor Andrzej Nawrot. He graduated with 1st class honors in 1999. His painting entitled ‘’The Chair’’ was awarded the second place in a national art competition Egeria 96. In 2000 Roszczak moved to Warsaw, where he commenced his pop art paintings and at the same time he started working for MTV music channel being responsible for the entire graphic and art creation of MTV Poland in the years 2001 – 2006. In 2007 Roszczak started his new period of realist paintings. In 2008 and 2009 his paintings were exhibited in London. In 2011 he was invited to exhibit his paintings in the art show at HangART-7 in Salzburg. Currently he lives and works in Warsaw. 


Art Resume:

2017 – WYBRANE OBRAZY, Refektarz, Krotoszyn, Poland

2017 – A-KUMULACJE 2017 Biennale, Kalisz, Poland 

2013 – The Power, Van den Berg Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 

2011 – In Dark Woods (group exhibition), HangART-7, Salzburg, Austria
2009 – ENGI! ENGI! Paintings 2007-2009, Covent Garden Gallery, London, England
2009 – Just Engi, Gallery of Klima Bochenska, Warsaw, Poland
2008 – Oh! Lady Dior, Cafe Kulturalna, Warsaw, Poland
2008 – Five at 5 (group exhibition), Gallery 5, London, England
2008 – Young artists in Desa (group exhibition), DESA Modern, Warsaw, Poland
2007 – TV Test Signal and Whores in a drying room, Suszarnia, Warsaw, Poland
2007 – Love like M Where are the amants from the old days (group exhibition) Gallery of Kuluary, Warsaw, Poland
2007 – EURO’ART Fair, Geneva, Switzerland
2006 – Pop-Synthetic Illumination, Cafe Kulturalna, Warsaw, Poland
2006 – 2009 Co-operation with Fibak Gallery, Warsaw Poland
2006 – NEW! Design, EMPiK Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2003 – 2004 Co-operation with Polish Auction House SZTUKA, Warsaw, Poland
2003 – ENGI Paintings, EMPiK Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1997 – Egeria’97 (group exhibition), BWA, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland
1996 – Contemplation over the Icon, BWA, Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland
1996 – II Award and honors for the painting „The Chair” in National Art show Egeria’96 BWA Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland
1996 – Egeria’96, (group exhibition), BWA Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland
1994 – Paintings in Public Library, Krotoszyn, Poland
1993 – Co-operation with Anna Karenska Gallery, Poznan, Poland


Artist Statement:

The creation process is equally important as the destruction process … you cannot be afraid of your own paintings! [2001]


I am inspired by the things, which seem to be close. Photos, screen shots, headlines, covers, illustrations, events, situations, memories…..they are all reflected in my paintings. To some extent the paintings, which reflect me and my sensitivity to the outside world stand for some sort of register of what I am surrounded by and what is my fascination – sort of accumulation of my interests and passions. I am looking for light motifs or I come across them by coincidence, or some ideas approach my mind after some time. I often long for the past times. I like when the viewers of my paintings take time trips to the past moments. [2007]


My wish is to have my paintings reflect people in the way that poetry dose. Not by words, but rather by image alone – that’s my objective. [2013]